Birgitta Norling

Birgitta Norling
Type of limitation:
reduced mobility in both legs

Mobility aid:
Carony Go

Hyundai minivan

Product(s) in vehicle:
seat lift

Installed by:
Autoadapt Bilanpassning


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Carony Go opened up a whole new world
Previously I had a normal passenger car, but when my health took a turn for the worse it became increasingly difficult for me to get into and out of it. A company where I live then told me that Autoadapt was able to help with adapting vehicles according to various disabilities.

After meeting with one of their product specialists, I received a recommendation on an adaptation of a new Hyundai van which I thought was very good. There was a huge difference when I received the car and we were able to continue our long-distance travels that my husband and I had always enjoyed making. I have also recently upgraded to a Carony Go electrical wheelchair, and a new world has opened up to me for a second time. I can now move around by myself and it feels fantastic not having to bother others for help. The combination of an adapted car and electric wheelchair has really improved my situation in an amazing way.