The latest news and press releases from BraunAbility.

The Space Race

30 September 2015

Will the evidence of flowing water on Mars bring back the space race? Depending on what "space" you're referring to, it's been going on for quite a while and in our opinion the Russians just took the lead.

Wheelchair accessible excavator

20 September 2015

Norwegian company Nasta, is not an Autoadapt dealer, nope they're in the construction machine business. That didn't prevent them from doing a bit of vehicle adaptation themselves.

Wheelchair Halloween

20 September 2015

Halloween is soon upon us and we'd thought we'd share some inspirational costumes for those of you using a wheechair.

The Athletes

26 August 2015

We really like it when people with disabilities are portrayed in media without being in a show about disability, but instead as a normal part of our society.

A Champion’s view on parenting

24 August 2015

Last week we had a visit from our friend and World Champion of Pool, Henrik Larsson. We talked a little about what didn’t go so well during the European championships and what good came out of it. We also talked to Henrik about some of the things he does for a living, such as helping parents to kids with different disabilities.