Man and woman looking into each other´s eyes

Ein Schlaganfallpatient, ihr Ehemann und das Carony System.

24 Oktober 2017

Nach drei Schlaganfällen ist Inga vollständig gelähmt. Aber dank einer positiven Einstellung und einer Reihe praktischer Hilfsmittel geht das Leben für Inga und ihren Mann Walter weiter.

Der Gefangene wird zum Jäger

18 September 2017

Er schaffte es zunächst noch, sich auf Krücken fortzubewegen, ist nun aber seit vier Jahren an den Rollstuhl gefesselt. Vor etwas mehr als einem Jahr hat er für sein Auto einen Chair Topper gekauft und bereitet sich aktuell auf die Jägerprüfung vor.

Two black and two gray seat lockers

Introducing the Unwin Seat Locker

3 April 2017

The Unwin Seat Locker is a device that locks the seat legs into a vehicle's floor tracking. Its main purpose is to add flexibility to a vehicle's seating configuration.

Carony on trial at retirement home

26 September 2016

During the summer of 2016, a local retirement home borrowed one of our Carony transfer wheelchairs for evaluation. The response we got was overwhelming.

My Vehicle Adaptation

11 März 2016

Recently we stumbled over the Youtube channel Paralyzed Living and host Brian Kinney demonstrating the Carospeed Menox hand controls. When we asked Brian if he would like to share his story with us he was more than willing to help.

Declaration of Independence

4 Dezember 2015

This was originally intended to be used only for our local Swedish vehicle adaptation workshop. But when your customer wants everyone involved in their adaptation to sign their work, we're so proud of them that we just have to brag about it on an international level.

Skate or cry

18 November 2015

Ian Parkinson is a "former" skateboarder who lost both his legs. He credits his wife and skateboarding for getting him through rehabilitation.

Adapted fashion

6 November 2015

Fashion designer Izzy Camilleri makes fashion more accessible.

Going for Rio

30 Oktober 2015

Our model for the BraunAbility Wheelchair lifts has got her sights set on a ticket to the 2016 Paralympics in Rio.

Wheelchair accessible excavator

20 September 2015

Norwegian company Nasta, is not an Autoadapt dealer, nope they're in the construction machine business. That didn't prevent them from doing a bit of vehicle adaptation themselves.