iRamp Carbon

Portable full surface ramps for heavy loads.

iRamp is a ramp which folds lengthways. It provides a full surface required for electric wheelchairs and three-wheeled scooters. It is very lightweight, made from a durable material and is capable of supporting heavy loads. The iRamps are only 5.5 cm thick when folded up.

The iRamp Carbon series is even lighter, up to 30 % lighter than the competitors’ counterparts. As the name suggest these ramps are manufactured from carbon fibre, a material that is extremely light, rigid and strong.


Model Length Int. width Weight Max load Rec.max height
IRC075 75 cm 75 cm 2.6 kg 250 kg 15 cm
IRC120 120 cm 75 cm 3.9 kg 250 kg 25 cm
IRC150  150 cm 75 cm 5 kg 250 kg 30 cm
IRC200 200 cm 75 cm 6.8 kg 250 kg 40 cm

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