Seat legs

Seat Legs
Designed for M1 and M2 vehicle applications.

Seat legs for transportation seats come in various shapes and sizes. Our range includes those with a very simple design as well as those that feature integrated fixtures for aluminium rails or flooring.

The TwinLock console is a joined set of seat legs with a mechanism to secure the seat in the floor or rail. It’s easy to use and requires only one hand for operation. The low friction surface under the TwinLock allows seats to slide back and forth effortlessly in the rail. Once in the locked position, the seat is tensioned into the rail so there is no rattle.

Each unit is a complete set of legs with a locker, all you need to add is your seat.


Space Legs
Space Legs are seat legs with a simple screw locker to secure the seat in place in the rail of the vehicle. Since Space Legs are bolted together, the seat legs are square with no need to adjust to fit into the rail.

The optional wheels enables moving seats around the vehicle without lifting.


Standard seat legs
Standard seat legs is used together with the U-Seat and our seat fixtures to create a complete seating solution.

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