Additional products

6-way base for optimized safety

The 6-way base makes it easier to transfer from a wheelchair to a safe, stable and ­comfortable car seat inside a van. It allows you to move the driver seat backwards, rotate it and adjust it in height to bring the driver seat next to the wheelchair.

The 6-way base is crash tested and certified with the female seatbelt buckle integrated in the base. A foot rest that follows the lengthwise movement is available as an option.


Wheelchair restraints

Having a wheelchair in a vehicle, ­occupied or not means you must secure it before ­driving. Our wheelchair restraints come in a variety of ­different types from the four point tie downs to the Dock’N’Lock; all with the sole purpose of safely securing your mobility device.

But remember if you travel seated in a wheelchair you must wear a real seat belt and have proper head and neck protection.