Driver seat

How do you want to enter driver’s seat ...

... from outside or inside the vehicle? 

Before you get to go for a spin you need to get into a good driving position. There are three ways to achieve this. The first one is to make a transfer from your wheelchair to the driver’s seat outside the vehicle. Depending on your upper body strength you might benefit from the use a swivel seat or a seat lift.

For more information about these solutions please take a look at the Turnout or the Turny Evo in the Getting seated section.


If you feel that it would be more comfortable making the transfer inside your vehicle, an inward swivelling seat is the ­solution for you. Our product, the 6-way base is a well proven solution in this category. This product gives you all the comfort and safety benefits of being seated in a car seat.

The third and final option is to simply stay seated in your wheelchair while driving. But remember always to use proper head and neck protection. 

In order to get inside your vehicle seated in a wheelchair you have the option of using a ramp in a lowered floor vehicle or a wheelchair lift. For the latter please take a look at our Wheelchair lifts section.