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Swedish Autoadapt becomes sole owner of British Unwin Safety Systems

Autoadapt and Unwin Safety Systems operate in the vehicle adaptation industry and both companies have long standing experience developing and producing aids for people with limited mobility. Autoadapt bought a 50 % share in Unwin Safety Systems in 2013 and this acquisition of the remaining shares aims to strengthen Autoadapt’s position as a leading supplier of vehicle adaptation solution as well as expand Unwin’s global distribution.

Catering to the consumer side of vehicle adaptation, Autoadapt has long been one of the world’s leading suppliers. With the introduction of BraunAbility Wheelchair Lifts in 2011 and the partial acquisition of Unwin Safety Systems in 2013 the company has strategically expanded its target to include the markets of public transport and commercial vehicles – markets which Autoadapt’s Executive Vice President Peter Wahlsten expects to increase.

"Changes in accessibility law are happening all over the world. Particularly in Europe, where for example France has a statutory requirement that by 2015 a high percentage of all city buses must be equipped with the means to transport people seated in wheelchairs. By finalising the acquisition of Unwin Safety Systems we stand well equipped to continue to take market shares in the commercial vehicles segment.“, says Peter Wahlsten.

About Unwin Safety Systems

Unwin Safety Systems was set up 50 years ago by Norman Unwin, who created the world’s first device to secure wheelchairs in vehicles. Over the years, the company has continued to grow and today all manufacturing, design and testing facilities are located in a modern factory in Somerset. Trusted across the world by passengers, their families, their carers and safety professionals, Unwin deliver crash tested solutions to maximise accessibility for all.
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Independent driver Mikael Lundstedt showing his Carolift wheelchair hoist.My vehicle adaptation

Mikael Lundstedt, Sweden

What type of vehicle do you drive and how is it adapted for you?
"I have a 2014 Kia Cee’d station wagon. It is adapted with hand controls, steering wheel spinner, a driver’s side sliding plate and a wheelchair hoist in the trunk to facilitate loading and unloading of the wheelchair."

How did you come up with this solution?
"A therapist at the Gothenburg Mobility Centre assessed my wishes and needs."

Is this your first adapted vehicle? 
"No, this will be my fourth adapted car."

What will be the main difference for you with this new adaptation?
"The biggest difference for me with this adaptation is that I have a hoist to lift my wheelchair. This helps me to avoid strenuous back and hip rotation. Sure, it might take a minute longer for me to get in and out of the car but does it matter when you can avoid wearing yourself out?"

If you could choose freely where in the world would you take your adapted vehicle?
"If I got the opportunity I would go to Paris. I was there as a young boy but I will never forget going up in the Eiffel Tower together with my parents and younger brother. And the way they parked, astonishing!"









A Rolls Royce adapted with a Carony Classic and a custom made seat.

The Wonderful world of vehicle adaptation

As part of our upcoming dealer event here at Autoadapt we organise something we call the Autoadapt Award Gala. One thing we’d like to share from this event is some of the extra ordinary adaptations that compete in order win the prestigious award.

A Hot Rod, complete with a BEV seat, a Tilda tilt function and a Turnout swivel seat.


A riding mower with a Joey Lift as a seat lift.


Adapted prison transport with wheelchair lift an wheelchair lock.