Ford B-Max BIS TurnoutTurnout BIS, access for(d) all

Many of you have seen the great potential in the Ford B-Max due to its unique B-pillar free design that provides exceptionally good legroom for the transfer to and from the wheelchair.

Autoadapt introduces the crash tested and approved Turnout BIS for Ford B-Max. The big challenge for all of us has been the belt attachment integrated in the seat. We’re proud to announce that we’ve now designed a safe swivel seat in corporation with Ford Spain.

To ensure that each adapted Ford B-Max can measure up to the same safety requirements as their non adapted counterparts, we chose to create a total solution that includes swivel base, seat with integrated belt, mounting bracket and rails designed specifically for the Ford B-Max. All parts of the solution have passed both crash and pull tests together.

Please note: This solution is so far only homologated as a technical unit in Spain. In all other markets it is approved in the same way as a normal Turnout for other vehicle models. The Turnout BIS is the only approved solution for Ford B-Max and is only available in a package and can not be combined with other seats, Carony, Tilda, etc.





Bengt Svensson demonstrating his Turny Evo and wheelchair winch solution.My vehicle adaptation

Bengt Svensson, Sweden

What type of vehicle do you drive and how is it adapted for you?

I drive a Seat Alhambra with a driver's side Turny Evo and a customized solution with a winch to stow my wheelchair in the back seat.

How did you come up with this solution?

I gave Autoadapts technicians a description of my needs together with some ideas I had on possible solutions. Autoadapt then developed and produced the solution for me. There aren't that many solutions in the market to stow light weight wheelchairs outside of the old disassemble and lift in by hand-method or unnecessarily powerful lifting devices that permanently occupies one of the seats. With this solution the transformation of the backseat between wheelchair storage and passenger seats and vice versa is a one minute job for anyone. 

Is this your first adapted vehicle?

I injured myself in 1982 so I've gone through four cars so far. The Alhambra will be number five.

What will be the main difference for you with this new adaptation?

The way I enter the vehicle. In my previous car a Chevy van I could sit inside and make the transfer to the driver's seat. But then again the Alhambra has so many other advantages being a much smaller vehicle.

If you could choose freely where in the world would you take your adapted vehicle?

I'd like to ride down to Austria, just to drive around and enjoy the scenery. I've been there before and I know it's a beautiful landscape to drive through.
When my eyes are satisfied I will continue to France, perhaps make a stop in a city and embrace the french lifestyle of "profiter de la journée".


Unwin logo and product imagesWelcome to the safe family

We continuously strive to increase our value to you as a supplier of safe vehicle adaptation solutions. Over the years we’ve teamed up with many strategic partners some of them have been permanent, for instance our part-owners Bruno Independent Living Aids and BraunAbility.

We’re very proud to announce that as of May 31 2013 Autoadapt AB has acquired a 50 percent equity stake in CN Unwin Ltd, which trades as Unwin Safety Systems. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wheelchair tiedown and occupant restraints Unwin Safety Systems makes the ideal partner to Autoadapt, providing a vital but missing area of expertise to complete our product range.

"The fact that it is Unwin Safety Systems makes us extra proud. We share many of their values, most important their strong commitment to safety. The Unwin Dynamic Test Laboratory, a complete crash test facility with test bed and sled, made quite the impression on us when I visited Unwin shortly after the facility’s inauguration in 2011. Much like ours their goal is not only to meet the regulatory requirements but to exceed them and set new standards of safety." says Peter Wahlsten, Executive Vice President at Autoadapt. 

Wheelchair restraints are often wrongly regarded as a commodity product with few differentials among the leading suppliers. Whilst it is true that most suppliers meet the requirement for a crash test with a wheelchair of 85 kg in combination with a passenger of 75 kg at 48 km/h. Unwin is the only supplier to offer a tested standard system proven with 100kg, 120 kg and even 200 kg power wheelchairs.

With the acquisition of Unwin Safety Systems, Autoadapt will be the leading and most complete supplier of mobility and transport restraint solutions both in the private and commercial sector.

To find out more about our new partner Unwin Safety Systems please visit: