Carony Child Accessories

18 September 2019

Today we're launching a number of accessories that will make the Carony transfer wheelchair more suitable for children.

Man helping boy in car seat with Carony child accessories

These child accessories will help provide additional support and safety for their smaller bodies. Pick and choose the accessories you need to make the Carony more comfortable for your child.

Car seat with Carony child accessories


Carony Child Accessories

  • Torso and Thigh Support

    Provides extra support to achieve that all-important good seating posture.

  • Child armrest converter plates

    Moves the armrests closer together to better suit small bodies.

  • 4-point harness

    Provides a good and comfortable seating posture.

  • Belt deflector

    Helps place the seat belt the correct angle across the shoulder.

  • Headrest

    A lower, flexible headrest that allows both height and width adjustments according to the child’s needs.


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