Autoadapt Award Gala 2014

1 July 2014

Aiming to award those who stand out in our industry Autoadapt instituted this award six years ago.

The latest iteration of the biannual gala was held recently in Gothenburg during the first evening of Autoadapt’s “Journey to the Future” dealer event. The categories represent many facets of successful vehicle adaptation. From just making sure people know what vehicle adaptation is to making installations incredibly beautiful. The winners receive the prestigious Glenn; a hand-forged copper shrimp mounted on a block of granite from the west coast of Sweden.

... and the winners were:


Best use of promotion and marketing - Office Shimizu, Japan

They had to overcome the challenge that the word ”car adaptation” does not exist in their country. By helping their dealers build their websites they have increased the possibilities for the end user to become aware of our business. In addition to this they work on a wide front with different marketing activities, everything from building a mobility centre to spreading their mission on Facebook.

A speechless Kazuki Kori from Office Shimizu accepted the award he spent two years working hard to take home.


Most stylish adaptation – Felitec, Germany 

To meet our costumer’s expectations, whether they like to shine or be discreet, give us as adapters that extra thrill. This company really shares their costumer’s passion to keep their lifestyle. For all of you, who did not win in this category, do not feel ashamed.This company is a hard contender to beat!

The grand master of beautiful vehicle adaptations Felix Liehr from Felitec accepted his third consecutive award in this category.


Most unexpected Autoadapt installation - Olmedo Special Vehicles, Italy

This might not be Autoadapt´s next business area for increased growth, but if we went down this path we would need to learn more about the IP67 directive. In case you want to replace the smell of asphalt against a soft sea breeze this company knows how to do it.

Rafaella Cammi and Alberto Brollo from Olmedo Special Vehicles were happy to accept the award.


Committed to the cause – Hydrofix, Israel

This winner is an exemplary lobbyist, working hard in order to increase understanding of people with disabilities and their everyday challenges. By inviting the public to take part in activities where they can get a hint of what it’s like to live with various physical limitations, this company succeeded to make an important impact on policy makers as well as the general public.

It was an emotional moment when Hydrofix’s owner Daniel Mor accepted the award for his work.


Safe vehicle adaptation – Rehabiler & Busser, Denmark

Stricter demands on car adaptation are something that we welcome. But what happens when authorities do not care about the end users’ safety? The winner of this new and important category goes against the grain in their home market by putting the customer first.

Last but certainly not least, Jesper Sørensen and Kim Söndergaard were two very proud winners in this important category.