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Stenkullen 26 May 2016

Summit on disabled drivers held in Stenkullen, Sweden

During Autoadapt's 20th anniversary the company will host an event for 77 companies from 35 countries. For two days the guests will immerse themselves in how to safely adapt vehicles for people with disabilities.

With 135 employees in Sweden and 60 in the UK Autoadapt is only a miniscule player in the global automotive industry. In spite of this, they have managed to position themselves as the ones leading the development. Autoadapt has a close cooperation with the largest car and bus manufacturers and are represented all over the world via a large dealer network.

“We exist to help people with disabilities live a more independent life, by enabling them to drive or ride in a safe way. It's quite astonishing to have all these vehicle adapters visiting us. They have travelled far, all the way from China, Japan and Australia. And this isn't the first time they all visit. This is the fifth iteration of this event that we host every other year. But this year is something else. We get to celebrate our 20th anniversary” says Peter Wahlsten, founder and Executive Vice President.

Autoadapt AB

Founded in 1996, Swedish Autoadapt is a leading manufacturer of vehicle adaptation solutions for people with limited mobility. Autoadapt offers many award-winning and safety-tested solutions, such as the Turny Evo and the Carony.

In addition to the owners Executive Vice President Peter Wahlsten and CEO Håkan Sandberg, Autoadapt is part-owned by Bruno Independent Living Aids and BraunAbility, leading manufacturers in the North American vehicle adaptation industry. Since 2015 BraunAbility is owned by Patricia Industries, a part of Swedish Investor.



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