Introducing Scoot 'n' Stop

21 November 2016

A scooter lock down device for your adapted vehicle.

Simply drive a scooter into a vehicle, press a switch and the Scoot ‘n’ Stop will hold the scooter down in place. Without it, the scooter is untethered, which is potentially very dangerous in an accident. Scoot ‘n’ Stop is available in three different types to fit almost any vehicle.

As it doesn’t require any alterations to be made to the scooter, the Scoot ‘n’ Stop will not violate the CE marking of it. The Scoot ‘n’ Stop is designed and developed in the UK by GM Coachwork.

  • Simple to use – one switch to operate
  • Fits securely to your vehicle
  • Keeps the Scooter’s CE marking
  • Simply drive into the device and alight your scooter
  • Fully crash tested for scooters up to to 200 kg
  • Choice of 3 designs to fit all wheelchair vehicles


Scoot ‘n’ Stop can be fitted to virtually any adapted vehicle.

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Note! This product is only available in Europe (excluding UK).