The Champion Returns – update 1

15 April 2015

Here’s a brief update from the European Championships in Pool where our partner Henrik Larsson is currently playing.

Henrik in a defining moment of the match against Roy Kimberly.


After losing his first match against current European 10-Ball Champion Fred Dinsmore by 4-6, Henrik Larsson won the next match against Emil Malanowski by 5-3.

Unfortunately Henrik Larsson got three dry breaks, a break shot where no balls are pocketed, in the match against European Masters Winner Roy Kimberly, who then proceeded to play a near flawless game and won with 1-5. 

"Hat's off to Roy, if he keeps playing like that he'll most likely bring home the gold medal, says Henrik Larsson"

Losing against Roy Kimberly also meant that the 10-Ball tournament was over for Henrik Larsson but he will get his chance to straighten the score today when he's playing his first 8-Ball match against Roy Kimberly.

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