Take it to the bank!

21 October 2015

Recently we rolled out our new media bank. This is the place to go whenever you need a photo or a logo from Autoadapt. We’ve got logos, product photos, photos of our products in use by people and lifestyle photos.

Go to media.autoadapt.com, browse the categories and select the pictures you want, download them directly or put them in your “My selection”. When you have all the photos you want in your “My selection” you can download them all as a single compressed .zip-file in a resolution of your choice. It is also possible to download each photo individually.

If you’re looking for something specific you can either browse by keywords or search to find a certain product or perhaps even a certain product in combination with a certain vehicle.

All this is available today, and you don’t even need an account.

Media bank categories

This is where you will find our logo as well as the logos of the companies within our corporate group.

The product either bare, in combination with other products or installed in a vehicle but no humans in sight.

In use
Products in use by people. The product will be clearly visible.

Focusing more on people. The product will be in the picture but might not be clearly visible.