My Vehicle Adaptation

4 March 2014

Carl Fritzell, Sweden

What type of vehicle do you drive and how is it adapted for you?

"A Honda CR-V fitted with a Carospeed Menox hand control."

How did you come up with this solution?
"In my previous car I had a hand control without the electric functions, but I felt it got a little bit difficult to use the turn signal, especially in roundabouts."

Is this your first adapted vehicle? 
"No, this is my second one. My first was a Volvo S60 with a Carospeed hand control."

What will be the main difference for you with this new adaptation?
"For me there isn't really much of a difference, I mean I do try out the other functions now and then just to keep them fresh in my mind, but the problem for me was as I said using the turn signal in roundabouts."

If you could choose freely where in the world would you take your adapted vehicle?
"I'm going to drive down to Croatia this summer with my friends. Hopefully we'll take my car, that way everyone can drive."