A flexible seating layout is a great way to maximise the use of a vehicle. Our seating systems in combination with our flooring systems makes it possible to quickly and easily convert a standard vehicle to a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.

Picture 1: Low view of a row of seats in a van. Picture 2: TwinLock seat legs product photo.


The TwinLock console is a joined set of seat legs with a mechanism to secure the seat in the floor or rail. It’s easy to use and requires only one hand for operation. The low friction surface under the TwinLock allows seats to slide back and forth effortlessly in the rail. Once in the locked position, the seat is tensioned into the rail so there is no rattle.

Each console is a complete set of legs with a locker, all you need to add is your seat. A complete set weighs no more than 5.5 kg. The optional wheels enable moving seats around the vehicle without lifting.

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Picture 1: Seat Locker product photo. Picture 2: Tip of shoe pressing down on a Seat Locker. Picture 3: The bottom of a seat in a vehicle with a person seated.

Seat Locker
The Seat Locker is a device that locks the seat legs into a vehicle’s floor tracking. It's main purpose is to add flexibility to a vehicle’s seating configuration. Being the category’s premium solution, the  Seat Locker is a discreet low built lockable, engineered to be rattle free. A simple step on the actuator locks the seat into the tracking.

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Picture 1: U-Seat in all black. Picture 2: U-Seat with yellow details.

The U-Seat is a cost effective and versatile seat. Available in two versions, a discreet standard version in all black and a public version with highly visible details. It has ISOFIX anchor points for child safety seats as well as an integrated 3-point seatbelt.

The U-Seat is designed to stay nice and clean even after years of heavy usage. The leatherette upholstery is durable and will not absorb liquids. The back ABS shell provides good protection from scuffs and marks. Both materials can be easily wiped cleaned with a wet cloth.

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