Wheelchair ramps for vehicles come in a number of different styles and configurations. Either mounted in the vehicle's door, quick and easy to deploy. Or portable, ready for use when needed but not limited to just getting in and out of the vehicle.  

Ramp installed on the rear of a van with open doors

Aluminium tailboard ramps

Designed to meet the special requirements of ambulances and the community transport market, the commercial tail- board ramps from FEAL are unmatched in performance, quality and price.

Features include reinforcements for up to 600 kg loading capacity, highly reflective side profiles and and kick-out wheels for emergency evacuation. The kick-out wheels will allow the ramp to be deployed from within the vehicle in case of an emergency. Additionally the wheels make every day ramp operations easier.

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Picture 1: different types of portable ramps Picture 2: woman rolling into a boat using a ramp

iRamp Portable is a ramp which folds lengthways. It provides a full surface required for electric wheelchairs and three-wheeled scooters. It is very lightweight, made from a durable material and is capable of supporting heavy loads. The iRamps are only 5.5 cm thick when folded up.

The iRamp Carbon series is even lighter, 30% lighter than the competitors’ counterparts. As the name suggest these ramps are manufactured from carbon bre, a material that is extremely light, rigid and strong.

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Picture 1: Close up of an aluminium board Picture 2: man on a wheelchair rolling up a ramp

Portable aluminium ramps
Fixed, folding or telescopic. Our portable ramps are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. They’re easy to bring along on trips or to places that do not have fixed ramps. Features include handles that retract effortlessly, simple locks that you can open and close in one easy step, and superior slip resistance.

All of our portable ramps have a side profile of 52 mm in height, except FL 110, FL 150 and FL 200, which have a 35 mm side profile. In these, the side profile also functions as a handle.

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