Floor and rails

Aluminium flooring and rails help you get the most out of your vehicle. It will give you a flexible floor layout and provide secure anchorage points for wheelchair tie-downs, seats and more.

A row of seats in a vehicle with aluminium rail floor.


Spacefloor® is a floor system developed for all means of transportation where a flexible, safe installation of passenger seats is required.

The system is based on a range of aluminium sections bonded together to form a tailored floor. The aluminium sections can be extruded with integrated pipes or channel, which can be used for floor heating or cables.

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If special needs or requirements regarding fixture is necessary, the system can be modified without any considerable increase of costs. Please contact us for further information.
Picture 1: Interior view of a vehicle with aluminium rail floor. Picture 2: Close-up of aluminium rail floor plank.

The system is based on five plank types each available in five different lengths. This makes it possible to tailor each floor to the desired specification. Installation is quick, simple and quality assured. In short, the Innotrax rails will always be perfectly parallel to each other.

Innotrax is tested to the M1 standard. It offers certified approval across 18 different vehicle models from 11 major manufacturers.

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Please contact us for a tailored floor design that fits your vehicle and requirements.
Picture 1: Close-up of an aluminum rail. Picture 2: Close-up of aluminium rail used in the roof of the car.

The Low Profile rail is easy to install and can be recessed into the vehicle floor for a neat finish, with a height above the finishing floor of only 4 mm.

The Surface rail is designed for vehicles where flush-fitted rails are not possible. It is quick and easy to install into most vehicle floors, with a finished height of only 14 mm above the floor. Surface rail is a popular solution for 3rd point passenger restraint fitment (cant rail).

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Our rails are available in different lengths up to 6 metres.
They can be machined, drilled, undrilled and unmachined as per your requirements.

Contact us today for sales inquiries and further information.