BraunAbility UVL-Series
Cassette wheelchair lifts for coaches and transit buses.
Accessibility for M3

The UVL-Series are well-proven lifts for commercial use. Mounted in the step or other dedicated compartment of the bus, they stay out of sight and out of the way until called upon. The UVL-Series wheelchair lifts are fully automatic and operated by an attendant using a hand-held control.

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Our UVL lifts are high-quality well-proven workhorses. These lifts are installed in thousands of buses and used daily all over the world. Each unit goes under rigorous scrutiny both during and at the end of the production phase. We do this to ensure a lift that will do its job and continue to do so for a long, long time.

Discreet installation

The cassette form makes it possible to hide the lift where it won’t interfere with anyone’s view, be it passenger or driver. Nor will it take up valuable floor space giving the bus flexibility in floor plan design. A common place to install the UVL-Series is in the step of the bus, but it can also be any other dedicated compartment.

Handheld control

A handheld 3-button control is used to operate all lift functions. Each button is marked clearly making it easy to understand and use. The handheld control is made of durable plastic and designed to withstand weather, abuse and heavy usage.

Manual Backup

In the event of a complete vehicle electrical failure, the UVL-Series will still be fully operational thanks to a manual backup system. This allows the operator to manually raise and lower the platform using a hand pump. The backup system is easy to use and fully functional even under high loads. The manual backup system is a standard feature included in all UVL lifts.


As an added safety feature the platform of the UVL-Series has been given a slip-resistant surface. This provides wheelchair users and operator with a good grip even when wet.

Quiet and rattle free

The UVL-Series is smooth and quiet in operation. The rattle-free design provides a pleasant ride while driving.

Tested and approved

The UVL-Series wheelchair lifts fulfil the requirements and bear the CE-label. In addition to this, they are also EMC test approved.

UVL855 R24


Plattformbreite 760 mm
Plattformlänge 1350 mm
Länge 1840 mm
Breite 1100 mm
Höhe 130 mm
Hubhöhe 1600 mm
Türbreite erforderliche 1100 mm
Mindestüberlappung 38 mm
Max. Abwärtsbewegung 930 mm
Max. Aufwärtsbewegung 670 mm
Mindest-Aufwärtsbewegung 120 mm
Max. Ausschwenkbewegung 80 mm


Tragfähigkeit 340 kg
Eigengewicht 263 kg


Plattformbreite 800 mm
Plattformlänge 1220 mm
Länge 1950 mm
Breite 1100 mm
Höhe 130 mm
Hubhöhe 1240 mm
Türbreite erforderliche 1080 mm
Mindestüberlappung 38 mm
Max. Abwärtsbewegung 570 mm
Max. Aufwärtsbewegung 670 mm
Mindest-Aufwärtsbewegung 480 mm
Max. Ausschwenkbewegung 300 mm


Tragfähigkeit 363 kg
Eigengewicht 272 kg


Zyklustest bestanden (16.000 Zyklen)  
Klimatest bestanden  
EMV-Test bestanden  
E5 Weltweite Typenzulassung  

Für weitere Informationen und Anfragen kontaktieren Sie uns bitte.